There are a number of substrate options that can be specified depending on your intended use and requirements. 

Pressing is the process of bonding veneer layons to the chosen substrate using specialised pressing equipment, which generally applies heat and pressure. Most products are supplied, trimmed and sanded, however this is optional.

Particleboard, being strong, stable and inexpensive, is an excellent substrate for veneered products.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is also used as a substrate, particularly for applications where it is desirable for the edges to be moulded and exposed. Fire retardant MDF is also available.

Plywood is constructed from three or more layers of veneer bonded together and is often used as a substrate to apply face veneers for special applications.

Blockboard is a composite panel comprising a core of wood strips bonded together as a slab, faced on each side with two layers of wood veneer. Blockboard is mainly used in the manufacture of solid core doors.