From the 1st of May 2019 the timber veneer industry has seen major changes in regulatory practices  in relation to fire ratings (group numbers) for timber veneered products when used specifically as wall and/or ceiling linings in Australia and New Zealand. 

This has resulted in some confusion around products such as:

+ Timber veneered MDF products

+ Fire rated plywood products

+ Surface coating fire rated treatments

+ Laminate and melamine products

+ Perforated acoustic and decorative panels

The Timber Veneer Association of Australia (TVAA) have a current  certificate of conformance for a range of timber veneers pressed to Standard Medium Density Fibreboard and Standard Particleboard for a Group 3 rating. This can be found here on the TVAA website -

The TVAA will continue to pursue further testing for a range of timber veneers pressed on other standard substrates to achieve a Group 3 rating as well.

Some member companies have undertaken individual testing for a range of products to comply with the new regulations imposed and have achieved different ratings.

It is imperative that you consult with your supplier/panel layer to understand the group ratings that each member’s products currently conform to and their suitability for the proposed application.