There are infinite design possibilities with timber veneer due to the wide availability of timbers indigenous to Australia as well as others from around the world.

We are blessed with many great timber species that can add a unique and natural touch to your project. 


Indigenous veneers are sliced from logs sourced from sustainably managed regrowth forests or plantations.

Australian veneers are among the most beautiful and distinctive in the world. They offer designers a wide spectrum of natural colours and grain structures as well as features that come alive with clear finishing or staining to complement or contrast tastefully with other interior design materials. 

Being a natural product, each batch of veneer has its own unique variations in colour and texture. It is best to speak to your supplier to get a better idea of the colour/hue of your chosen species. 


A number of our members import timber veneers from other countries. These natural timber veneers are carefully prepared from plantation and managed forest timbers from around the world.

As with indigenous veneers, each batch of imported veneer has its own unique variations in colour and texture. Speak with your supplier to understand the species colour/hue.