Quality Assurance

The Association has a Quality Assurance Recommendation Program to check the quality of the glue bond (AFRDI 145).

The testing regime was developed by the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (Furntech) for use at the production site.

Participating TVAA members have received training in the testing techniques from Furntech. 

The Glue Bond Test (AFRDI 145) members are:

  • APR Detailed Joinery Pty Ltd
  • Bord Products Pty Ltd
  • Consolidated Panels & Veneers Pty Ltd
  • Five Star Finishers
  • Processed Forest Products Pty Ltd
  • Sharp Plywoods Pty Ltd
  • Specialty Veneers-Panel Division
  • Timberwood Panels Pty Ltd
  • Veneer Panels Pty Ltd
  • Westcoast Panels & Veneer
  • Worldwide Timber Traders Pty Ltd.