Veneer Basics

Reconstructed Veneers

Reconstructed veneers are manufactured from readily available timbers such as Poplar, Obeche or Bamboo, normally plantation grown.

  • The logs are rotary peeled into veneers, which are then dyed all the way through, and dried.
  • Layers of variously coloured veneers are then laminated together in moulds in a controlled pattern to form ‘grain’ patterns which are then re-sliced into veneers.
  • The way the layers of the veneers are arranged and then are sliced depend on the desired pattern – the process is fully automated and often involves the use of computer software to produce different veneer figures and pattern.

The advantages of reconstructed veneer are:

  • The veneers have excellent consistency in colour and repeated grain pattern.
  • The result is a wide range of colours and patterns.
  • Can be easier to match or replace the same patterns.