Veneer Basics

Pre-Finished Veneers

Pre-finished veneers are veneers supplied in a laminate type form ready for use and are pre-finished. The veneer may be plain natural veneer, stained or limed natural veneer, reconstructed or dyed veneer. The veneer face may be sanded smooth or have an enhanced grain texture created, such as by sand-blasting or wire-brushing. The face is finished with a clear coating, such as melamine film, UV cured coatings, cross-linked acrylics or a 2-pack polyurethane. The type of finish used will determine the degree of scratch resistance, resistance to yellowing and fading (which is also influenced by the veneer type) and moisture-resistance.

The finishing processes are high quality controlled in the factory in a way that is difficult for normal cabinet makers to achieve, giving consistency across projects. Therefore there is no need to worry about polishing at the fabrication stage – a major cost saving. Specifiers are able to understand the texture and nuances of the timber finish they wish to specify, plus see the final finish beforehand. The result is savings in time, risk and money, plus confidence about how the final product is going to appear.

Other advantages of pre-finished veneers include:
• Ready to be applied to the normal range of substrates.
• Able to be bent around curves (subject to radius required).
• Is more scratch resistant than ordinary polished veneer panels.