Veneer Basics

What is Veneer?

Timber veneer is a thin layer of timber of uniform thickness (normally between 0.5mm and 0.85mm thick in Australia and New Zealand). Timber veneer is from a natural and renewable resource competing with non-renewable commodities like steel, aluminium and plastics. Its surface coverage is approximately forty times more than 25mm timber and consequently is the most economical way of utilising precious wood.

Veneer is:

  • Produced by slicing or peeling selected logs.
  • Sliced at approximately 0.6mm (this is normal thickness for the Australian market) or peeled at  various thicknesses.
  • Several methods are used to create various wood grain patterns. The most commonly produced  grains are:
    • Crown
    • Quarter
    • Rotary
  • However, other categories exist to highlight specific features such as:
    • Birdseye
    • Quilted
    • Pommele
    • Burl/Burr