Veneer Basics

Species List

Indigenous Veneers

The following is a list of indigenous veneers sliced from logs sourced from sustainably managed or regrowth Australian forests. For more details on sustainability please contact your supplier or veneer layer. Remember that timber veneer is greenhouse positive and comes from a natural resource that is renewable, energy efficient, recyclable and biodegradable. Timber products are among the most environmentally friendly building materials available.

The listed colour/hue is a good indication for each species. Being a natural product, each batch of veneer has its own unique variations in colour and texture. Australian veneers are among the most beautiful and distinctive in the world. They offer designers a wide spectrum of natural colours and grain structures – features that come alive with clear finishing or staining to complement, or contrast tastefully with other interior design materials. The value indication varies from the lowest group 1 up to a maximum of 5.

Blackbean Greenish/Golden Brown 2
Blackbutt Pale/Mid Brown 2
Blackwood, Tasmanian Golden/Dark Warm Brown 2
Brush Box Pinkish 2
Camphor Laurel Striped 3
Coachwood Pinkish/Orange Brown 2
Eucalypt, Tear-drop White/Cream 4
Eucalyptus Burr Pale/Mid Brown 4
Gum, Red Mid/Dark Warm Brown 2
Gum, Rose Pinkish 2
Gum, Satin Pinkish 2
Gum, Spotted Greenish/Golden Brown 2
Gum, Sydney Blue Reddish 2
Ironbark, Grey Very Dark Brown/Black 2
Ironbark, Red Mid/Dark Warm Brown 2
Jarrah Reddish 3
Jarrah, Figured Reddish 2-3
Karri, W.A. Mid/Dark Warm Brown 2
Leatherwood Pinkish/Orange Brown 2-3
Marri Pale/Mid Brown 2
Myrtle, Flame Striped 2
Myrtle, Tasmanian Pinkish 2-3
Oak, Figured Tasmanian Pale/Mid Brown 2
Oak, Swirl Tasmanian Pale/Mid Brown 1
Oak, Tasmanian Pale/Mid Brown 1
Pine, Celery Top Straw/Golden 3
Pine, Clear Radiata Straw/Golden 1
Pine, Hoop Straw/Golden 1
Pine, Huon Straw/Golden 4
Pine, Knotty Radiata Straw/Golden 1
Plumwood Greenish/Golden Brown 2
Poplar White/Cream 2
Queensland Cherry Pinkish 2
Queensland Maple Pinkish 2
Queensland Sycamore Reddish orange 2
Queensland Blackwood Ginger brown (striped) 2
Sassafras, Black Heart Striped 2
Sassafras, Golden Straw/Golden 2
Silky Oak Pinkish 2
Silver Ash White/Cream 2
Stringybark Pale/Mid Brown 1
Red Cedar Reddish 2
Rose Acacia Pink/Golden 2
Rose Alder Pinkish 2
Tallow Wood Greyish yellow 2
Tasmanian Ash White/Cream 1
Tasmanian Maple Burr Cluster Pinkish 5
Tea Tree Mid/Dark Warm Brown 2
Tiger Wattle Pink striped 2
Turpentine Mid/Dark Warm Brown 2
Victorian Ash White/Cream 1
Walnut, Queensland Striped 2-3
Wattle, Silver Straw/Golden 2
White Birch Straw/Golden 2


Imported Veneers

The following is a list of veneers that are imported into Australia by TVAA members. These natural timber veneers are carefully prepared from plantation and managed forest timbers from around the world, but they do not comprise a complete list. Moreover, this list includes those species that are normally stocked locally. These veneers are specially prepared from sustainable forest resources, enabling clients to enjoy the beauty and charm of real natural timber while positively contributing to environmentally and commercially sustainable forests.

The listed colour/hue is a good indication for each species. Being a natural product, each batch of veneer has its own unique variations in colour and texture. The value indication varies from the lowest cost group 1 up to a maximum of 7.

Afrormosia Africa Greenish/Golden Brown 3
Anegre Africa Pale/Mid Brown 1
Anegre, Figured Africa Pale/Mid Brown 3
Ash, African (Koro) Africa Pale/Mid Brown 1
Ash Burr Nth America/ Europe White 4
Alder, Red North America Straw/Golden 3
Ash, White North America/ Europe Straw/Golden 2
Aspen North America White/Cream 2
Avodire, Figured Africa Straw/Golden 4
Beech, Curly Europe Pinkish 2
Beech, European Europe Pinkish 2
Beech , New Zealand New Zealand Pinkish 2
Beech, Unsteamed Europe Straw/Golden 2
Birch, American Curly North America Cream/Golden 3
Birch, White Curly Nth America/ Europe White/Cream 3
Birch, European (Rotary) Europe White/Cream 2
Birch, European (Crown & Quarter) Europe White/Cream 2/3
Birch, Masur Europe White/Cream 4
Birch, Quilted European Europe White/Cream 3
Birch, Canadian Red North America Pinkish 2
Boire Africa Red to Pinkish Brown 3
Bubinga Africa Reddish 2
Bubinga, Quilted Africa Reddish 3
Fijian Cedar (Rotary) Pacific Pinkish 1
Cedar, Western Red North America Pale/Mid Brown 2
Cherry, American North America Pinkish 2
Cypress , Knotty New Zealand Straw/Golden 1
Daniela Africa Greenish/brown 2
Ebony, Macassar Asia Dark Brown/Black 7
Elm Burr Europe Mid/Dark Warm Brown 5
Elm, Red Europe Mid/Dark Warm Brown 2
Guarea Africa Pinkish/Brown 2
Iroko Africa Golden Light Brown 2
Kalantas Asia Light/Dark Red 2
Khaya Africa Mid/Dark warm Brown 2
Koto Africa Straw/Brown 1
Kwila New Guinea Golden Brown 2
Madronna Burr North America Red/Pink 5
Mahogany, Brazilian Africa South America 3
Makore, Figured Africa Reddish 2
Makore (Plain) Africa Reddish 1/2
Makore, Pomelle Africa Reddish 5
Maple Burr North America Cream/Pink 7
Maple, Birds Eye North America White/Cream 4
Maple, Curly North America White/Cream 4
Maple, Figured Rock (Crown) North America White/Cream 2
Maple, Quilted North America White/Cream 5
Maple, Rock North America White/Cream 2
Maple, Sliced Pacific Asia Pink/Light Brown 1
Myrtle Burr, American North America Greenish/Golden Brown 4
Nyatoh Asia Mid/Dark Warm Brown 1
Oak Burr North America Pale/Mid Brown 5
Oak, Red North America Pale/Mid Brown 1/2
Oak, White North America Pale/Mid Brown 2
Oregon North America Pinkish-Orange Brown 2
Palisander, Santos South America Stripe Pink Brown 6
Pearwood Europe Pinkish 4
Peroa South America Pinkish 6
Pine, Baltic Europe Straw/Golden 2
Poplar Burr Europe Straw/Golden 3
Rimu, Coloured Heart New Zealand Striped 2
Rimu, Pale Rimu, Pale New Zealand Pinkish-Orange Brown 2
Rosewood, New Guinea New Guinea Greenish Golden Brown 2
Sapele Africa Mid/Dark Warm Brown 1
Sapele, Pomelle Africa Mid/Dark Warm Brown 5
Sen, Japanese Japan Straw/Golden 2
Sycamore, Figured Europe White/Cream 3
Sycamore, White Europe White/Cream 3
Teak Asia Golden Brown 2
Vavona Burr North American Reddish 7
Walnut Burr North America Dark Brown/Black 7
Walnut, African Africa Brown/Black 2
Walnut, American North America Very Dark Brown/Black 2
Walnut, Pacific New Guinea Greenish Golden Brown 2
Walnut, Silky New Guinea Greenish Golden Brown 2
Wenge Africa Striped Dark Brown/Black 4
Willow, English Europe White/Cream 3
Zebrano Africa Striped Off White/Brown 4