Veneer Basics

Timber Veneer is Natural

Timber veneer is a decorative building material comprising thin slices of timber glued onto wooden board, particle board or fibreboard. It has been favoured by builders and designers since ancient times as the finest use of the very best timbers.

Timber veneer is the finest use of fine timbers, because it is real timber. One cubic metre of log produces around 1000 square metres of veneer! No other form of woodworking material results in such a yield.

The benefits of using real timber veneer are:

• A design collaboration with nature

The natural variation of timber means each project is individual. No two veneers are exactly alike. The ‘fingerprints’ of nature lift your designs above that achievable with other similiar man-made alternatives. Choose from a vast array of species, colours and timber grains. The final finish is virtually identical to solid timber.

• All the warmth and depth of timber

Timber veneers add natural warmth and ambience to your project. Timber veneer is warm and gentle to the touch.

• Prestige and versatility

Timber veneer is a sought-after, premium decorative finish that adds prestige and style to furniture and joinery. Timber veneers can be moulded to fit many shapes, and when adhered to a stable commodity substrate, gives all the versatility of solid timber, our oldest, yet most modern material.

• Maximises nature’s resources

Each metre of timber typically provides around 1000 slices, demonstrating that veneer is a highly efficient and sustainable use of timber.

• Ecologically sensible solution

A natural product – not made from petro-chemicals. The industry is committed to sustainable forest resources.