Specifying and Technical

Panel Terminology

Timber veneers are used in a variety of products. The grade depends on the Intended use and the decorative effect desired. Timber veneers are further processed to make decorative panels which can change the nature of the veneer; therefore, grade requirements can be subjective.

In line with AS/NZS 1859:Reconstituted Wood-based Panels Part 3: Decorative Overlaid Wood Panels, the industry has adopted the following broad common terminology.

G2S – Good Two Sides

Where both sides of the panel are highly visible and face quality of the same veneer is required on both sides. Also widely accepted: F2S (Face Two Sides).

G1S/DGB – Good One Side/Downgraded Back

Where both sides of the panel are visible and the same species is required on both sides of the panel, but the quality of the back does not need to be as high as on the face. Terms also widely accepted: SSB (Same Species Back).

BAMO – Back at Manufacturers Option

Where the veneer species and quality of the back are nominated by the manufacturer, primarily to ensure a balanced panel.

CNB – Customer Nominated Back

Where the veneer species and quality of the back are nominated by the customer.

While each panel producer may currently use different terms, or combinations thereof, each producer will recognise any of the above terms so that you can specify veneered board with confidence.

Veneers for special applications such as partitioning and desk tops are generally higher than standard panel grades.

These need to be clarified between veneer supplier and customer and are generally charged at a premium. Not all face grade applications require the same quality of veneer as veneers are often selected by consultation between supplier and customer.