TVAA Announces New Veneer Product Manual

The Timber Veneer Association of Australia (TVAA) is proud to announce a completely new edition of the popular Veneer Product Information Manual.

The new 28-page manual, simply titled Veneer, is not just an update but has been rewritten to include the latest information on a range of issues including

  • Chain of Custody Certification
  • Explanation of veneer production from tree to veneer
  • Detailed advice on sequence matching for continuity
  • Guidelines on finishes

Information about BCA Material Groups applicable to veneered panels will be of particular interest to specifiers, since fire hazard properties are sometimes a limiting factor in the wider use of veneered panels for wall and ceiling linings.

Fire tests initiated by the TVAA have shown that veneer species in general use meet Group 2 requirements when applied to a flame-retardant treated MDF substrate.

The new edition demystifies some of the terms used in the veneer industry such as G2S (Good Two Sides), and references the Australian Standards relevant to the production of veneered board.

Also illustrated are different matching techniques, such as book matching and slip matching together with examples of the many beautiful grain patterns available, such as burl, birdseye, and fiddleback.

TVAA President Rod Sharp said he expected the manual to be a help to architects and interior designers when it came to specifying veneered panels.

“Terms that we use every day in the industry aren’t necessarily familiar to specifiers”, Rod said. “A section in the manual titled How to Specify Wood Veneer will help with specification writing, and the many illustrations show what can be achieved with this renewable and sustainable resource.”

Copies of the manual can be downloaded from the Association’s website at Those who prefer a hard copy can obtain one free of charge through the TVAA Info Line 1300 303 982, or a copy can be ordered by email at¬†

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